- It Will Not Come Back + DVD live - Here On Earth

music: Krzysztof Walczyk
lyrics: Marek Kleczko

Sometimes night under the black cloak
Sauntering throughout dozen hours
Not because he's warm or sweaty
It happens he undo the button
Cassiopeia's very bright then
Glittering in his bosom and
Dazzling strongly like a lantern
Somebody who is here on Earth
Somebody who can't hesitate
But like a villain with a veil
Wandering and seeking kismet
And keeps repeating each one day

Every night somebody's face smacked
Every one night girls are loosing their track
Every night my life gives me a dark
Starlet from hell

Some other time at the city's end
Something's jerking the darkness veil
Something's pinking that like a spade
And like the cutthroat's cutlass strokes
But there are only bands of light
Of a nightbus "N" line
With the driver heading for there
Where the man, who is aware
He won't sleep a wink for one more
Te guy ahead will not be dead
He burnt his faith's wings yesterday
So he lost that hunger sense, pray

Every night somebody's...

So he stood atop a large hill
Gathered breeze under his black robe
Jumped in the grim reality
In the dark suit, in the dark suit
So he stood atop a large hill
And on toes as high as on rope
Not to enter the sky vicinity
Be farther, be farther from the ground.

Every night somebody's...